Posted by: sforshner | November 4, 2008

don’t forget to vote

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  1. Homeland Security is hoping for McCain to win. I have proof of that .
    If you are in the coal mining bizz then vote McCain because Obama has you in his sights to shut you down. PA needs to remember what happened when the steel plant shut down. How many ghost town will Obamas make. If it wasnt for company’s like Phoenix Glass that part of PA would have gone out . You dont kill jobs ,You dont raise taxes and spend more on a weak dollar. YOU CUT TAXES YOU SPEND LESS AND YOU KEEP AMERICANS WORKING.

    When he shuts them down not just the states the mines are in will suffer great economic collapse but the state surrounding them. WAKE UP Ohio, Pennsylvania. Wake UP Virgina . WAKE UP AMERICA. The on change he is selling is control .

  2. wow. you must be a real republican, my friend, because if you’re not scared yourself, you’re trying to scare other people. that’s what the bastardized principles of conservatism have come to mean today, thanks to the likes of george w. bush and john mccain.

    everything you just wrote about obama and the coal industry is bogus, my friend. he has made clean coal technology an important part of his comprehensive energy program, and he sure as hell isn’t going to raise any coal miner’s taxes. miners will benefit more from obama’s tax plan than they will from obama, my friend.

    people need to “WAKE UP,” as you say, and realize that the republican party today is no friend to the working class. in an obama administration, companies that ship jobs overseas will be punished and benefits will be granted to companies that create jobs for Americans.

    have a great election day, my friend, and tomorrow, don’t be surprised to “WAKE UP” and find that Barack Obama is your new president.

  3. GOBAMA!

  4. I was surprised how much spirit there was today. I’ve never noticed before on election day that even though there is so much conflict between parties, this is the one day a year when everyone is really focused on ONE message: VOTE! It’s funny to think how we take this for granted but years ago, millions of people fought for it.

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